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  • King C

    A 4 month supply of a Super powerful immune supplement.

    • R636.00
  • NAD + Phyto

    NAD is a co-enzyme / the energy currency of the cell and the cellular life. NAD maintains the levels of NAD for the mitochondria to work at peak performance.

    • R350.00
  • Immufort Ultraboost Colostrum

    Immufort Ultraboost Colostrum is a powerful product for those needing an extra boost to their immune systems especially those with compromised immune systems undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation. 

    Immufort is a natural-based supplement that contains an army of proteins and antibodies specifically designed to help your body fight viruses, bacteria and the stresses of everyday living. 

    Bovine colostrum is a naturally occurring substance collected from pasture-fed cows. Its powerful proteins and antibodies support the body’s immune system, helping you feel fit, healthy and protected. 

    • R845.00
  • Natural Solutions Immune Support

    INGREDIENTS: Echinacea, Small Flowered Willow, Pau’D Arco, Ashwaganda, Yellow Dock, Agrimony and Stinging Nettle, Hydrangea root

    Description: A herbal blend of 8 herbs designed to assist the immune system, rejuvenating, eliminating and rebuilding it for your optimum health.

    100%pure non radiated organic herbs, free of pesticides, preservatives, fillers and lactose

    • R200.00
  • Afrigetics Immune Boost

    The herbs in this formula have powerful immune modulating properties which help your immune system detect and defend against the onset of an illness.  By improving your immune health you can decrease the amount of wasted time spent feeling sick and unable to perform at your peak. The combination of herbs in this formula work in a variety of ways as ‘adaptogens’ which perform several functions in the body to help maximize health and wellness.

    100% vegetable capsules

    Ingredients: Each vegecap contains: Sutherlandia frutescens 200mg, and Hypoxis hemerocallidea 100mg

    • R160.00