Online Self-esteem programme

Many people have low self-esteems, but do not realise how this impacts their lives negatively. Find out how you can let go of your low self-esteem and develop confidence and self-love.

  • R300.00
  1. Payment received.
  2. The client receives a video which introduces them to the concept of self-esteem.
  3. With this video the client also receives a word document containing questions on how a low self-esteem is impacting their life.
  4. The client completes the questions and returns it to Freddie Counsellor via email. The client has to request their preferred feedback medium (e-mail, 15 minute Skype or WhatsApp video call) when they return the questionnaire.
  5. Freddie Counsellor personally responds to the client’s answers in preferred format as requested in point 4.
  6. The next work day the client receives a video about Thought Inaccuracies and how these can negatively impact self-esteem.
  7. The next day a video about Tools Towards a Great Esteem will be sent to the client.
  8. The closing video (and the end of the programme) will entail a video which shortly deals with personal affirmations 
  9. Once you have completed the programme, your mobile number will be added to a WhatsApp Broadcast group. You will receive a WhatsApp every Monday morning which will serve as a reminder of something you were taught on the programme to practice during that week. 
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